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Jeyabaskar A
a year ago-
Its been 13 years now and still I remember the fantastic service and great hopes provided by Mancomp Sreedharan sir. It was a big decision in my life to study in UK and he gave proper counselling & guidance for realising my dreams.
One best thing to mention here is that, he gave fair comments about the reality of student life and the possible difficulties that I might encounter and never hyped about the life in abroad!!
I'm happy to write this review & recommend Mancomp for those who have big dreams in life ! Thanks !!

Shri Vathsan
a year ago-
Looking to go overseas for your studies? Congratulations, you have just searched for the right place. Mancomp would give you fantastic guidance towards your future and also give you the freedom of choice at the same time!! Thank u Mancomp!! Will always be grateful!!

S Raj
a year ago-
I met Mr Sreedharan and his team at Mancomp 10 years ago.
I had no knowledge about moving to a different country or starting a new life as i was only 20.
They handled everything in a professional way and was friendly throughout the Journey. No exaggeration about the process and honest and straight forward response were given at all times.
I got enrolled at the Uni in a week's time and got my Visa approved in 2 weeks and i moved to Australia in 4 weeks or even less.
Sreedharan is so laid back and relaxed, he calmed my nerves and boosted lot of courage and encouragement in me the last time i met him before leaving the Country.
If you're after a stress free and genuine service, please use Mancomp.

There are many places where they can offer the same but i strongly feel that i wouldn't be writing a review for anyone else other than Mancomp after a decade.
- Sridevi

Naraayan Kannan
a year ago-
Would recommend them highly, the promoter of the company is a very patient and sweet man. I joined UTAS with their help and assistance. I got a scholarship to study and finish my course, which no other University gave and Mancomp operates with complete transparency in all their dealings. It also helps that Mr Srieedharan has travelled widely to Oz so he can explain how things work, otherwise it can be overwhelming for some to land in a foreign country. He is a very dependable man, his staff led by Shobha and the others are extremely helpful and most importantly, they do not make misguided promises.

Aravind Shiva
a year ago-
Anyone looking for an abroad education consultant to guide you well for your future studies? Then pls go and visit Mancomp. The services provided by them are awesome. Mancomp will take care of University admission, Visa and accommodation also. Mr Sreedaran sir guided me well to get admission in Australia for doing my MBA.I will recommend anyone to go to Mancomp if hey have plans to do studies in Abroad.

Vijay vignesh
a year ago-
Few of the most genuine overseas education consultants you would come across, Mancomp helped me to seamlessly process all my university applications. Wanting to study abroad and require proper guidance,would definitely suggest this place. Thanks​ sreedharan sir and shoba mam

Antony Roshan
a year ago-
Mancomp helped me from the scratch to apply for my higher studies in Australia. Mr sreedharan and shobanna were really good in guiding me to choose the right uni... Perfect place to visit if you are planning to study in Australia.

Bhuna Ohara
a year ago-
If there was no Sreedharan sir or Mancomp I wouldn’t be leading a great life in the UK now. Sreedharan Sir helped me so much in planning my higher studies in UK, more than my family could think of. 12 years back he made sure I am stepping into a safer ground and till now he makes sure that I am safer here in the UK. When it comes to Sreedharan Sir or Mancomp there is no second choice, they are the best and first choice anyone can make. TRUST Mancomp and I can guarantee you come up with flying colours as I did.

Abhishek Singh
a year ago-
The team under the leadership of Mr Sreedharan is very professional and helpful. In this world of exploitation for higher studies abroad by a select few agencies, I would definitely recommend Mancomp to all the aspiring students and parents.

Abhishek PhD student, Curtin University, Perth

Abdullah zubair khan
a year ago-
Mancomp really helped me throughout my application process. Made life 10 times easier especially when it came to dealing with documents.

a year ago-
If you're looking for an agency that's gonna send you abroad hassle free with Maximum assistance then yes you are looking at the right place!! Thanks a lot guys!!

Anush Karthikeyan
4 months ago
Best consultant ..
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